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Who we are

Tailored solutions built around your compliance needs

Engaging TMV Testing guarantees compliance and safety within your facility.

Let’s work in Partnership and reduce the complications.  This is how we can help you:

Reduce your annual costs and fluctuations – we can negotiate together a price per unit for testing based on your facilities, individually or as a group.

We have relationships with suppliers that ensures timely repair or replacement.

We can offer this benefit because our business is structured purely around testing and repair.

Securing testing for your region offers efficiencies for your teams.  Reduce the burden on managers sourcing and negotiating and benefit from standardised reporting, clear budget forecasting, direct ongoing support and guaranteed certified testing. 

Choice to secure ongoing testing to ensure continued compliance. 

Direct and secure reporting from site to management and council (if required).

We understand your industry, your requirements, maintenance teams and reporting. 

Servicing NSW & ACT

Who we work with

We work with you to coordinate servicing for your facility and understand the sensitivities and time constraints and work politely within your timeframe and considerations within your facility. 


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Your Partner in compliance

Compliance & safety is our business

Engaging our service ensures your continued and consistent compliance with the assurance that your service is completed by a technically trained and licensed and experienced plumber. 

Our scheduling systems ensure that your testing is completed on time and reported immediately upon completion with our online reporting software that is easily transferred and stored for your records.

Additionally we can offer GPS tagging of your valves to easily identify and record compliance and repair.

Our scheduling for testing can include your TMV’s RPZd’s and legionella testing. Depending on your requirements these tests may be every 6 or 12 months. Your compliance will be consistent.  

Additionally, we can assist with internal ongoing management planning within your facility and provide training and ongoing support to your team. Considerations are maintenance records, temperature safety checks, flushing programs, contingency plans for legionella detection and elimination of dead legs. 

Schedule your service to ensure continued compliance