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TMV Testing works with your Facility Management team to ensure professional, efficient and cost-effective testing and maintenance of Thermostatic Mixing Valves and backflow devices.

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Licensed, certified and experienced

Guarantee of testing carried out by Licenced plumbers with extensive testing experience and industry certified testing training.  

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Simple electronic reporting

Specialised reporting that’s easily transferred and stored for your compliance records and auditing requirements and the convenience of GPS tagging of valves.


Empower your team with access to our team to troubleshoot and provide valuable warm water system advice.

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Professional Plumbing Services Provider

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Quite simply our business is your compliance. As a specialised business your annual compliance schedule is our only priority.   

With extensive experience within the Health Service, national building groups and commercial plumbing we can offer a competitive advantage to your facility with professional expertise and assurance that your testing will not be delayed as this is our core business.  We also understand your systems and structures and work with you and your team efficiently. 

We offer our clients service agreements with the opportunity of securing our services for a negotiated period. By securing our testing services you can be assured of availability, accurate budget forecasting and premium reporting. 

We are experienced, licensed and qualified commercial plumbers with relationships with suppliers that benefits our clients by reducing downtime with timely and cost-effective solutions. 


scold prevention

Thermostatic Mixing Valves Scald Prevention

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve blends hot water with cold water to produce an even temperature (maximum of 45°) to ensure a consistent safe outlet temperature, preventing accidental injuries and burns.

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Backflow is where contaminated water flows back into the clean water supply.  To prevent backflow, Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) devices are installed to ensure the flow of water remains in the desired direction.

Legionella Control for warm water systems

Legionella testing is important to ensure the safety of warm water systems in buildings and facilities. Adding legionella to TMV testing is good practice to ensure comprehensive water system safety. 

Your compliance is our business!
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